The 6 Best Video Subscription Platforms

Here are the best video subscription platforms to upload and sell your videos quickly!

Vimeo provides an easy and seamless online video subscription business platform. You can quickly and simply upload your videos and start selling them to customers. Vimeo OTT provides a complete all-in-one experience making it easy to go from “just starting” to “making sales” in just a few minutes. Vimeo can easily be considered one of the best video selling platforms.

PROS: Quick, High Quality Support, Strong Technical Backing.

CONS: Can be very expensive, Marketing and Tracking Limitations

PRICE: $1/per Subscriber (Not necessarily a good deal at all!)

Intelivideo focus on custom one-on-one support to help you build a video subscription website quickly. With Intelivideo video subscription service platform you can easily create and upload our videos and lock those pages so only paying members can log in to view your content. With a simple user facing intereface Intelivideo is a great option for those of us who are less tech savy looking for a simple solution.

PROS: Full suite of tools allowing your videos to be availible across platforms including ROKU, Android, IOS. High end Support.

CONS: Can be way more than you need for the vast majority of people. INTELIVIDEO is focused on enterprise level services.

PRICE: 15% on $0-$500k, 10% on $500k-$1M in sales. Over $1M is negotiable. 

Uscreen allows a quick and easy system that allows you to quickly and easily make a Video Subscription Offer. With a strong focus on video they allow you to display and embed your videos in many shapes and sizes. Uscreen also provides a lot of monitization flexibiltiy so you can easily offer free trials, discounts, and most importantly, subscriptions!

Kajabi provides an all in one video subscription platform. With Kajabi you can build your video content, upload it quickly, create a membership sign page, and sell subscriptions all from one platform. Kajabi has a lot of tools that makes it easy to get off the ground and get going very quickly. The one downside is that kajabi has complete control over your members list, payment processing, and fees, which some business owners may find problematic. 

Memberful is slightly different in that it offers a subscription element to your existing website. Whether on wordpress or another platform such as wix. With Memberful you can lock certain pages (that have your videos) and insert payment buttons to allow customer to purchase a subscription for your videos. It is as simple as that. Although it may seem a bit more confusing, memberful actually offers a lot of beneficial functions to business owners with existing websites, groups, or other integrations. Overall Memberful is one of the best video membership site with wordpress.

Podia is very similar to Kajabi. They provide a simple all in one solution that allows you to sell subsription and memberships on one of the best online video subscription platform. One of the main benefits of Podia is all the features that it includes: online courses, memberships, digital downloads, email marketing and affiliate management. Podia replaces 5+ tools for the price of one. Podia is also very fairly priced at only $39 flat per month of $79/m for their higher tier options. (which you will need for subscription management)

Taking a look at all of these options you can get a good idea of which ones you may want to work with. The difference really is the details when it comes down to making a decision for yourself. Some of the more simple to setup options such as Vimeo will have some long term implications on your business. If you are looking for simple one-and-done video subscription, then sticking with one of the more simple or all-in-one options may be the right decision. On the other hand, the simple plug and play options will also have certain limitations that come along which can really hinder your businesses potential from the get-go.

Something to keep in mind: 

Is it worth doing it the easy way now to only have more to change and deal with later, or can I just do things the best way, right away?

This is something that me and partners have faced a few times in our experience building online businesses and helping other do the same.

In our experience and with most established online memberships, courses, or subscription services, the #1 Rule is to build on your own unique WEBSITE. When you create a unique website it gives you a few benefits over going with a simple upload and go option.

The Benefits of your own website:


  • Google and other search engine will recognize your website and content and you can begin to naturally rank for results relevant to your particular product or service. There is a lot more that goes into Search Engine Optimization or SEO, but simply put, a unique website can lead to a LOT of free engaged search Traffic!


  • Clients will recognize you as having more authority in your field or niche. Selling under third party takes away some legitimacy and we all know to avoid those types of results. Would you rather click “ or “


  • More custom Tracking: You will be better able to integrate facebook tracking with the Pixel, google analytics, and many other tools. Although many all-in-one solutions have analytic elements, they will never match the potential and flexibility that comes with a website.


To learn how to create a membership, course, or subscription business you can read our comprehensive article here: Create a Membership Site



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