Profit Per Month Course 

Welcome to the training course. The course is split into varius sections to help you find the information most relevant and valuble to your subscrition business. 

Section 1 : Validating Your Idea

In this first section of the course we will cover nailing down your subscription business niche so you can get started in the right direction!


Section 1 Curriculum
  • Keyword Research
  • Understanding the Market
  • Existing Experience/Skills/Knowledge
  • Getting in Front of your Target Audience

Section 2: Product Development

Straight to the point step-by-step training to take your subscription business from just an idea, to reality.

1hr. 10min.

Section 2 Curriculum
  • Selecting your Product Formats
  • Video Training Guide
  • Members Discussion Groups
  • Written Training Guides
  • Ebooks/PDF's
  • Live Video Calls
  • Tools and Resource Recommendatiosn
  • One-On-One Support

Section 3: Your Member Funnel

 In-depth guide to building your own member funnel so you can deliver your product automatically 24/7 in a way that works effectively for you.

2hrs. 27min.

Section 3 Curriculum
  • The Member Timeline
  • Lead Generation & Optins
  • Email Automation - Follow up
  • The Ultimate Sales Page
  • Selecting an Optimal Method for Delivering your Product
  • Website Creation and Building Guide (Part 1)

Section 4: Acquiring Clients

Understand how to consistently generate leads and convert paying clients. From traffic sources to content design we'll show you how it's done.

2hrs 1min.

Section 4 Curriculum
  • General Structuring for Marketing Success
  • Seach Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Social Media

Section 5: Scaling and Growth

Learn how to continously take your subscription business to the next level. Understand the differences between having 10,100, and 1,000 clients so you can build the proper systems to help you consistenly serve your members effectively... and generate more income.

1hr. 35min.

Section 5 Curriculum
  • Member Retention: Onboarding, Drip Content, Engagement
  • Growth Plan: First 10, 100, 1000 Clients
  • Member Timeline: Understanding your customers journey

A message from PPM

If you are just getting started, we recommend you start this course with section 1 where we will help you confirm your business idea.

If you already have a good idea of what your business will focus on we recommend you jump straight into section 2 to start developing your product.

Feel free to move to whichever section you think will most help you along your journey as a subscription business owner.