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How to Create a Membership Site

How to Create a Membership Site

How to Create a Membership Site Looking to create a membership site is one of the best business decisions you can make as an online entrepreneur. With this...

15 Best Membership Site Ideas

15 Best Membership Site Ideas

Learn about the best paid membership sites ideas and select from the top 15 most common successful membership sites so you can create your own fast growing community membership site!

The Benefits of a Subscription Based Business

The Benefits of a Subscription Based Business

Quick Start Guide: (Click to Jump) 1. Understanding the Subscription Business Model 2. COMPARISON: Subscription based businesses versus one-time payments...

Upgrade your Payment Model

Transform your new or existing business, course, or service into a subscription based business.

Find our more about how we can help you get started quickly, scale fast, and retain customers for years!

Monthly Recurring

Learn how a recurring payment model can be added to your existing business.

Save Time

Get the most up to date information on the best ways to setup and start your business.

Field Tested

Get the best advice, from pricing strategy, paltfroms, content creations, and more!

Customer Value

Learn how subscription businesses models make 4X more per customer than other.


Find out how a subscription based business leads to long term sustainable growth.

We've got you Covered

With 20 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of member retention. Let us show you the way!

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With over 20+ years in selling online subscriptions, from courses, to software services, and everything in between, we know a thing or two about membership based businesses.

At Profit Per Month our goal is to help other business owners elevate their business by using the subscription payment model!

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Join the PPM Community with other high tier business owners to transform your existing business or business idea into a sustainable, income-generating machine through the power of the subscription business model.

PPM Membership Platform

The most advanced, user friendly, and flexible membership management platform available. Seamlessly lock your content, take payment, automate member tiers, and handle all account details in one simple place.