Section 3: Your Member Funnel

In-depth guide to building your own member funnel so you can deliver your product automatically 24/7 in a way that works  effectively for you.

PLUS: Find out if a website may not be necessary for you to effectively deliver value to your subscribers.

The Member Timeline

The exact steps a customer would take – from first interacting with your brand to purchasing a membership. We lay out what aspects we will focus on optimizing on overall website sales funnel.

16:37 Minutes

Email Automation - Follow Up

We tell you what to send, and when to send it, in order to keep users engaged and convert them into paying members. Learn about the best ways to engage and grow your email list by creating personalized email compains that connect.

16 Courses

Watch Training

Lead Generation & Optins

One of the most important steps of a customer’s journey. How to effectively generate an Optin so you can remarket to users already familiar with your brand & site.

28:01 Minutes

The Ultimate Sales Page

We’ll show you how to build a sales page that converts. We will show you our winning template which generates sales, importance of A/B testing, and what to include on your page such as benefits, testomonials, and pain points.

23:51 Minutes

Selecting an Optimal Method for Delivering your Product

Learn how to select the product that best fits with your subscription business goals. From video training, members groups, to much more or much less. Find out your unique product mix.

16:37 Minutes

Website Creation and Building Guide (Part 1)

No fluff, just straight to the point video creation guide. From images, formatting, and rendering, to everything else in between. Learn how to make videos your clients will love!

28:01 Minutes

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