Clickfunnels is awesome for marketing! We love building our sales pages and opt-in funnels on Clickfunnels since its easy and simple to create a stunning sales page.

However, if you are thinking of building your membership site with clickfunnels, there are a couple reasons we would urge you to use an alternative.

There are a couple of reasons why Clickfunnel’s membership platform might hinder your long term growth and profit:

  • Complicated Payment Management System for memberships
  • Poor User Experience on the membership website
  • Limited Site Functionality for course & content features
  • Not regularly updated or supported

We think Clickfunnels is great for building the sales pages for your membership site – we just think that you should use a better alternative membership platform instead of Clickfunnels. We will touch on what the better alternative is later on, but first let’s look at the major flaws of the Clickfunnels membership platform.


Complicated Payment Managment System

Users aren’t able to cancel their membership within your clickfunnels website. Each member will have to personally reach out to you, causing an unnessecary amount of manual work on your part.
Users can’t update or change their payment details from within Clickfunnels. This means possible drop-offs and cancellations from your business which could easily be avoided with a better membership platform.
If someone signs up for a different membership level, it won’t automatically prorate the payment for them, and they will have 2 payment plans. This means you’ll need to manually cancel one of their payments, and possibly refund if they need a prorated payment. Again unnecessary time spent that could be used on something more productive to grow your membership website.

Poor User Experience

Using a Clickfunnels membership site would be annoying for your users. When registering, they might want to use a different email than their payment email, which isn’t supported by Clickfunnels. They will need to reach out to you for help.

Also, it’s not mobile friendly at all so they won’t be able to view your amazing content on their phone.

Limited Site Functionality

When building your membership within Clickfunnels you’ll have to use their templates – so you won’t be able to do anything more advanced like create a forum, message board, course quizzes, or host webinars.

It’s also tricky to lock content – there’s a central ‘members only’ area to drop all of the membership content in one spot.

Optimally, you want to organize your membership website or online course the way you want it. That’s why we designed Profit Per Month to be able to easily lock any page on your website that you’d like.


Not Updated/Supported

 There have been no significant updates made to the membership site platform recently, Clickfunnels focuses their development more on sales funnels and optin pages.

The Better Alternative

(membership platform)

(membership platform)

✔️ Amazing Sales Page Builder

⚠️ Complicated Payment Management

⚠️ Poor User Experience

⚠️ Limited Site Functionality

⚠️ Not Updated

✔️ Integrates with Clickfunnels

✔️ Simple Payment Management
✔️ Clean User Experience
✔️ Fully Featured Member Platform
✔️ Actively Supported

 The Profit Per Month membership platform eliminates these membership issues, while still allowing you to use your Clickfunnels pages.

 The Profit Per Month membership platform is designed to integrate directly with Clickfunnels. Take the best parts of your Clickfunnels sales funnels and combine it with an even better membership platform, so you can spend time building your business instead of fussing around with your member platform.

Using Profit Per Month will give you the membership platform you need to manage your membership site efficiently. Combined with your stunning Clickfunnels Sales pages, you have the toolset that it takes to create a 6 or 7 figure membership website.