15 Best Membership Site Ideas

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You already know membership sites are one of the most profitable and sustainable online businesses, but it can be tough knowing exactly what your business should be about. In this article we cover some of the best membership site ideas and give you the breakdown on membership industry so you can make the best choice for your business.

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1. Membership Businesses: A Statistical Gold Mine

2. But what are the best membership site ideas?

3. Okay, but what category should YOU pick?

  • Things you should consider to select your unique membership site idea

Membership Businesses: A Statistical Gold Mine

Membership Businesses: A Statistical Gold Mine

Membership sites are one of the most profitable businesses you can start, with 68.4% of businesses bringing in over $50,000 per year. This percentage only continues to grow for every year your business is active.

Just for reference, 49.12% of that 68.4% make above $100,000. So almost half of all membership business examples make over 100k per year. This means that if you and a friend both start a membership business today, one of you is VERY likely to make 100k per year within 1-2 years! 

This is really good news for anyone looking to start paid membership sites.

But what are the best membership site ideas?

Here is a breakdown of over 2000 paid membership sites and the 15 major categories they are focused on.

As you can see a large portion is focused on Business & Entrepreneurship, combined with Sales & Marketing, which is very similar, makes up a total of 34% or about ⅓ of successful membership site ideas.

Membership Site Examples

Lets take a look at some actually example membership site so you can understand how they look in practice. Membership course or chat sites can be as simple as you want them to be, but you can of course add more features to your business overtime!

Here are three different membership site examples below


Okay, but what category should YOU pick?

Knowing these 15 major categories, you have a good understanding of what other paid membership sites focus on and that is a good thing! Competition means that there is an audience of people interested in that particular topic!

3 Things you should consider to select your unique membership site idea:

  1.  Your current skills, area of expertise, and area of interest: Which one of these categories are you most capable of providing exceptional service for. 
  2. What have people told you that you are good at or skilled in?
  3. What problem do you care most about helping people with? Financial, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, etc…

Looking at these 3 points will help you narrow down on which of those 15 categories you can focus on and it will help you decide for yourself. 


  • Let’s say you have always been interested in cars, and have some good experience reselling car parts online. You can take this experience and passion and turn it into a membership training course where you teach other people how to buy and resell car parts, how to take cars apart, what the best brands are and much more. You can regularly talk with your members and find out what they are doing and help them grow their car resale business. 

This may seem like a simple idea, but you can easily make 4-5 figures per month just focusing on this niche alone. 


“But I don’t have any unique experience of skills” 


Well get started anyways! Many of the top membership sites we’ve created were things we did not know much about. Don’t be afraid to learn something new, the majority of the information in most online courses can be found with a few detailed google searches! But, guess what, people will still pay you to find all of that information, package it nicely, and guide them through the process. 

The organization of content along with a community of similarly interested people will be something many people would be willing to join. This membership group will allow them to learn, discuss, and equally important share with others their journey or progress.

To learn more about how to start your own online membership business, just download our in-depth guide right below!

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