The Best Subscription Business Course with a Platform to bring it to life.

Quickly build your Membership Business into a Monthly Revenue Generating Machine

5 Major Sections naturally progress in the same way your business does. At every step, the course shows you the way.

When You Join the Profit Per Month Membership Course you will get FULL & IMMEDIATE access to

Over 15 Hours of Detailed Step-by-Step Training


In this 15+ Hour Training, PPM Membership Course covers everything you need to know about building your membership or subscription based businesses. Our intuitive training helps you quickly discover, build, launch, and scale your business, so you quickly begin generating recurring revenue.

Operating a succesful business is one of the most educational expereices in the world. From marketing, to product development, to communications, you have to juggle a lot of knowledge effectively…

This is why our members group is ELITE. We understand how the big picture comes together, how to create real value and actually sell over $100,000 USD per year.

Join us to learn and work with other Subscription Business Owners.

Create Custom Plans

Keep Track of Clients

Lock Premium Content

Create Simple Registration Forms

Profit Per Month Member Management Platform


PPM Member Management is a comprehensive Subscription Business Payment Platform. It will take your business from just an idea to a fully operational company.

With PPM Member Management You Can:

  • Receive Recurring Payments from Subscribers
  • Automatically Unlock access to your Product when members Sign Up.
  • Create Multiple Tiers of Access
  • Connect to an endless list of 3rd party apps (such as Slack for Membership groups)
  • Take Donations
  • Much more…

Why have we included this amazing tool with our course? Our goal is to help you realistically create a successful subscription business, and this subscription management system will save you an incredible amount of time and money, so you can focus on growing your business.

+ On-Hand Experienced Training Coaches


With over 20 years of expereince in Subscription Business, our coaches are well-versed in a vareity of subscription business models. If you’re ever in need of some extra clarity with your business, you’re one simple Direct Message away from clear and effective advice.

A Bit about our Team at Profit Per Month


At this point you may be wondering about who’s behind Profit Per Month. Well we’ll fill you in. We started off just like many others. We didn’t have angel investors or an endless supply of start up capital. We bootstrapped our first online company with just $1,000!


What made us unique and helped us excel was the understanding that a successful business is being able to offer continuous  value to your clients. Naturally, this led us to the subscription model. And for the past 7 years we have built and scaled subscription businesses… but we ran into problems, the same problems over and over again.


As we overcame these common issues we decided to create a Subscription Platform that can help us quickly move past these technical difficulties. Soon after, we realized that many other entrepreneurs may benefit from our Subscription Platform.


And today we are here, offering all business owners our Powerful Subsciption Platform and a Training Course to guide you along. Join us below and start generating recurring revenue!




See exactly what you will be learning in the 5 sections of the course

Section 1 : Validating Your Idea

In this first section of the course we will cover nailing down your subscription business niche so you can get started in the right direction!


Section 1 Curriculum
  • Keyword Research
  • Understanding the Market
  • Existing Experience/Skills/Knowledge
  • Getting in Front of your Target Audience

Section 2: Product Development

Straight to the point step-by-step training to take your subscription business from just an idea, to reality.

1hr. 10min.

Section 2 Curriculum
  • Selecting your Product Formats
  • Video Training Guide
  • Members Discussion Groups
  • Written Training Guides
  • Ebooks/PDF's
  • Live Video Calls
  • Tools and Resource Recommendatiosn
  • One-On-One Support

Section 3: Your Member Funnel

 In-depth guide to building your own member funnel so you can deliver your product automatically 24/7 in a way that works effectively for you.

2hrs. 27min.

Section 3 Curriculum
  • The Member Timeline
  • Lead Generation & Optins
  • Email Automation - Follow up
  • The Ultimate Sales Page
  • Selecting an Optimal Method for Delivering your Product
  • Website Creation and Building Guide (Part 1)

Section 4: Acquiring Clients

Understand how to consistently generate leads and convert paying clients. From traffic sources to content design we'll show you how it's done.

2hrs 1min.

Section 4 Curriculum
  • General Structuring for Marketing Success
  • Seach Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Social Media

Section 5: Scaling and Growth

Learn how to continously take your subscription business to the next level. Understand the differences between having 10,100, and 1,000 clients so you can build the proper systems to help you consistenly serve your members effectively... and generate more income.

1hr. 35min.

Section 5 Curriculum
  • Member Retention: Onboarding, Drip Content, Engagement
  • Growth Plan: First 10, 100, 1000 Clients
  • Member Timeline: Understanding your customers journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a bit more about who we are and what we can do for you at Profit Per Month

What do we Offer?

At Profit Per Month our goal is to help you create a successful subsciption based business. 

We offer:

  • Subsciption Business Course
  • PPM Subsciption Platform

Will this work in my Country

We have clients from all over the world. From the US and Mexico, to Germany, China, and Russia. 

Our Course and Platform will help you understand and build a Subscirption Business regardless of where you are. 

How much time do I need to start my Business

The course starts now and never ends. It is completely self-paced online course. With the PPM Subscription Platform included with your course you can have your  business running in less than a month.

Who is Profit Per Month for?

We serve a vareity of different subsciption based businesses. Whether a membership website, monthly subscribers, donations, or any various recurring business model, at Profit Per Month we will help you elevate your business.

Refund Policy?

Refunds are given only when requested by email by a member with less then 14 days of access to the course and has viewed less than 20% of the course. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions above. 

How do I get started for FREE?

We have put together a very comprehensive video guide to show you an in depth overview of all of the macro-components of subscription based businesses. Watch it here for free: FREE GUIDE: Creating your Subscription Business