Section 2: Product Development

Section 2 is a segment that you will be coming back to throughout the entire process of building your business. We will show you step-by-step and in detail how to build the product for your subscription business.

Whether a course, video training, fan donations, or something different, we’ll help you find, develope, and optimize your product!

Selecting your Product Formats

Learn how to select the product that best fits with your subscription business goals. From video training, members groups, to much more or much less. Find out your unique product mix.

8:13 Minutes

Members Discussion Groups

Learn the importance of a having a membership discussion group for your subscription business. Understand how to start, grow, and manage a thriving discussion group.

16:13 Minutes

eBook's and PDF's

Learn how to make high quality PDFs and ebooks to offer as an email-capture funnel or include them as part of your membership. Find the best design tools and resources.

10:51 Minutes

Tools and Resources

Get a comprehensive list of all the best tools and resources available online to help you quickly and effiecently develop your subscription business product. (Free and Paid Resources)


Watch Training

A comprehensive list of our top most useful 3rd party Apps, Tools, and Resources 

Membership Tools

Video Training Guide

No fluff, just straight to the point video creation guide. From images, formatting, and rendering, to everything else in between. Learn how to make videos your clients will love!

28:01 Minutes

Written Training Guides

Learn how to create high quality written training guides to include as apart of your product offering. From content ideas, organization, design, and delivery, we cover it all.

14:24 Minutes

Live Video Calls

Learn how to include live video calls or webinars into your subscription business arsenal. Find out what the best tools are for hosting your own live show, whether for existing or new clients.

7:00 Minutes

One-on-One Support

Learn the best methods to work directly with a single clients and understand how to help them identify and fix their pain points to help them progress quickly.

7:43 Minutes

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